Web 3.0 : what is web 3.0 | web 1999 web 2.0 | metaverse | what will happen to web 3.0

what is web 3.0 | web 1999 web 2.0 | metaverse | what will happen to web 3.0 

Web 3.0 : what is web 3.0 and web 1999 web 2.0


hello friend I am Satyam and today we talking about web 3.0 and you will be very proud to know about web 3.0 that everything that has been created and in innervated has been done on the blockchain and this is a part of the Crypto itself in the wool world is going to accept it in the coming time then it is a matter of feeling proud for all of us so now let’s understand what is web 3.0 what is web 3.0. We simple tell that when the internet come in the beginning most of the people use the internet on dos at that time most of the people in railways are still using dos. today that is the pattern of using it was only for the reading some very minor things could be input in this very minor things could be input that to leave it in there centralised server after that again came 1999 web 2.O version 2 of the web .

web 1999 web 2.0

web 2.0 is came on 1999 world after this the interactions of people increased meaning we can now go to social media and make any comment upload our picture create our complete profile many things happened in web 2.O  and in today date the one we are using is called web 2.0

what will happen to web 3.0

now you understand in this way we are learning about metaverse everything that is possible in metaverse is therefore not possible on web 3.0 because it’s suppose there is riot somewhere and we want to send our Avatar there then there we are on the centralised network then it is close it and we cannot reach there there are many such sensitive places for you can also take it from this point of view suppose there is no internet yet . which means that their server is now they want to shift from there or asking for some extra charge for it there are many centralised server like web 2.0 that have many limitations .

decentralized internet by ICP

the work that ICP has done which is going to bring its decentralized internet is working on this now as web 3.0 each use in the coming time this ICP which looks so dad will show very good potential don’t take it as financial advice here this I am connecting to them all to see if things are possible looking at the matter words the way things like sand and mana have grown means that the steering of all this is web 3.0

metaverse related to web 3.0

so hair if metaverse  is to be successful then web 3.0 will pay a big role in that unless things are decentralized matter words will not be successful because everything is centralised here all the social media are selling their data to someone or the other and food that only and only he takes if we see in today’s time whatever we all are doing on social media we are in a way servants if we want to want all things we will need web 3.0 .whether it is your social media any project if we want to be the owner of it then as that time we will need with web 3.0


guys are saying that there is talk in many countries about how to ban Crypto ,regulating Crypto there are some development happening on Crypto decentralized blockchain is beyond the mind above thinking meaning their level is very high so you are saying .where it comes to making any sales that the internet can be decentralized here whatever things are here all those things can be decentralized which means there is unlimited potential in decentralizing and in blockchain. so friend there was a blog I hope you like it my blog post

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