Top 7 coins to invest in under $1 and top 5 meme coins 2022


About top 7 to invest in under 1 $
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Top 7 coins to invest in under $1 and top 5 meme coins


Now if there are more returns then there will be more risk a lot of buzzes are being made it started in 2013 . where dogecoin was started now because the time has come for meme coins two software developer made meme coins to make fun of the buzz of cryptocurrency.

Friends dogecoin got pump in 2021 Elon mask also be picked  up saying the success of the coin . many cryptocurrencies come into the market which we call Meme coins .
then by the end of 2021 Shiba Inu has been pump now seeing its success many Meme coin will back.

Top 7 Meme coins under 1$

1.Rich quake coin

this is a coin and like all Meme coins their founder is unknown their market supply is 1 quadrillion of which they have Bernard 50% it was started in January 2021 and gradually it is starting to become buzzing .it is built on the blockchain of binance and there is is a lot of risk involved it can also be a case of pump and dump.

2.Taboo token

this is fundamentally a strong cryptocurrency not like Meme coins it provide an adult, NEFT, streaming ,service platform and it is also slowing building buzz and its price is also going up side

3.Shiba Inu

still has potential power left because this Meme is slowly becoming a Fundamentalist cryptocurrencies because their developer team are working on Lord they have launched many of their products like NEFT their decentralised exchange many brands are adapting this cryptocurrencies for the made of payment also by collaborating with many brands .so there is still a lot of potential left in this cryptocurrencies it can still go upside .


decentraland the next currency is decentraland it is working on virtual reality on metaverse its prices now to dollar there is also a buzz in cryptocurrency slowing it is also going sideways so if we catch it right here at the right point the we can see a good profits.

decentraland is built on the blockchain of ethereum and in it you can experience virtual reality you can buy land etc .


Bittorrent is a platform where you can do peer to peer file transfer now bittorrent was very famous before then it was both by t h o n in 2018 then it was launched in 2021 as a cryptocurrencies there is still a lot of potential left in it its price running now 0.00461

6.Delta exchange

Delta exchange which is the Crypto drivertives platform .where you can trade in Bitcoin future and option you can trade off in future and option of many cryptocurrencies not only Bitcoin .


The next cryptocurrency is dogecoin just got coin still has a lot of potential left he has the support of Elon Musk his team is becoming a song a lot of Crypto experts ads are being done in his advisory e board so dogecoin is still has potential it can still go outside .

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