Top 10 web 3.0 Crypto coins to buy in 2022

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Top 10 web 3.0 Crypto coins to buy in 2022


hello guys today I am going to share you top 10 web 3.0 Crypto coin for 2022 investment and those crypto currencies can grow in the coming time as web 3.0 comes and we early investors can get a very good benefit from their coin so don’t miss any point of my blog because in this blog post I will also tell you when and on how which price you have to take entry in this coins for how long do you have to hold this coins.

top 10 web 3.0 Crypto

10.stacks (stx coins)

coins are good coins for web 3.0.we had earn it good profit from this coin right now this coin is working in web 3.0 so you can definitely add this coin to your list .

9.civic ( CVC coin )

recommending CVC coin to you because this is the coin of solana ecosystem and it is working in web 3.0 also .

8.Casper ( CSP coin )

this is good coin for web 3.0 this coin is good for future investment

7. Ocean protocol

ocean has a lot of great many people in the community. like this coin this project work for AI  and big data now it is working in web 3.0 also.

6.toram xtm coin

toram is also a good profitable coin for web 3.0 and 2022 toram investor are looking good for this coin.

5.Audio coin

Audio coin is good for investment in web 3.0 work is good its graph for looking high.

4.Basic attention token( bat coin )

BAT coin is good coin for web 3.0 now the rate is 1.30 dollar.

3.Bittorrent coin

its price now 0.002775 dollar and it’s also on web 3.0 coin collection .

2.chain link coin

now the current price is 21.42 Dollar and it’s good for web 3.0 coin collection .chain link is a good project this project has high potential.

1.Polka Dot

the days are coins which will be on the first number is Polka Dot which is now working in web 3.0

when and how to buy this top 10 web 3.0 coins

so for the time being I would recommended you because we are talking this coins from long-term prospective because web 3.0 is not going to come in a day or two day it will take time to come and I am talking you that as the creator of web 3.0 will increase in the market this Crypto project that are working in web 3.0 it’s going to Boom .
so you have to try that you buy this coin in dip means by them on the low rate you must do DCA .

what is DCA ?

DCA is a one kind of investment strategy dollar cost averaging where we pick any coin into 3 parts and average of our buying becomes because of which when we book profit at the end it is more for us .


so guys here are your top 10 web 3.0 of coin. this top 10 coins which described in this blog is only for education purpose not for any investment tips .


information shared on this blog are for education purpose only . we are not responsible for your profit or loss

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