Top 10 crypto currencies for invest in 2022 | Best cryptocurrency to invest today

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Top 10 crypto currencies for invest in 2022



whenever we pick a stock for investment so we check that it is the stock that is holding the value of the company and how is is the performance of the company . we check the balance sheet of the company searches .how much profit is increasing? how much revenue is being generated along with sells ? we also check there intrinsic value?

we do proper fundamental analysis before investing in any stock ? what do check before investing in cryptocurrency ? how to know which Crypto is fundamentally strong or not ? this is what I am going to tell you in this blog post as there is underline business in stock it depend on its performance in cryptocurrencies its price is actually fluctuated because of hype , because of news and events, because of demand and supply . this is what I am going to cover today and also I will give you my top five cryptocurrency .

how to research about a cryptocurrency ?

To get to know cryptocurrency you will first go to their website and know who they are and Wait they are doing will find out his team , who is the Founder! how many will know ? how much experience is in the Crypto industry? the higher the market cap of that Crypto the more secure it is for us all throug the risk still remain the more one is invested in that cryptocurrencies the higher the market cap there the slightly less volatile than cryptocurrency will be after this we will check who was invested in that cryptocurrencies.

who has partnered with that Crypto project like the Indian government has also worked it with some cryptos

Top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in 2022


Now What was our four system of payment example currencies had many flaws in it us its control which is in the hands of the bank and in the hands of government so it does not remain in the hands of the control bank or any third party so does cryptocurrencies was created and decentralization .which is called Bitcoin in one country it has been considered legal tender now it is being said that Brazil is also coming up with flow through which it will be able to consider Bitcoin as a legal tender apart from this friends because its market cap is very high.

it is the number one cryptocurrency if Bitcoin increase their another cryptocurrency is also increase it Bitcoin decrease their another cryptocurrency also decrease


ethereum is a second largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $399 billion ethereum provides a platform where you can do it your oven blockchain and build your oven decentralization application using it  Technology more than 280000 coins have been created many cryptocurrencies are made using it ethereum platform

the aim of ethereum each to decentralized the internet by using in ethereum blockchain you can create your own application finance ,NEFT, gaming, decentralize all industries ethereum also has some issues ethereum is very slow 15 transaction a second Bitcoin has 7 transaction a second and there are too many alternative to ethereum coming gas fees on ethereum are also so very high because of their developers are s n i f t i n g to alternatives to ethereum .


solana is a new cryptocurrency that was launched in 2020 only to solve the issues of scalability slow speed high fees of ethereum and it is growing very fast it’s transaction speed is very fast 65000 transaction per second it’s also cheap and solving its scalability issues.

4.Polka Dot

Now to connect are there is blockchain together there is a Crypto project which is working polka-dot is a multi chain protocol working on the cross chain transfer of data . Polka Dot is also working on the possibility of transfer between public and private change .

5.chain link

at what number is chain link it is also solving the real world problem that’s why I picked it up and it was also created a monopoly in its industries.
friends this is the cryptocurrency which is the blockchain and the system which is providing the real world data to the rest of the coins more than half of blockchain cryptocurrencies are using outdated technology for data storage old information that is real world information as to be b r o u g h t on the blockchain and how does that information comes so only coders like you and us bring that right information then they get chain link in reversed .


This is the also ethereum killer and it is a long-term coin and all the stock holders they have means 70% stock holder which they have held means they are long term .


vechain working in the supply industries and it is the number one cryptocurrencies in these Industries it wants to decentralize the supply industry using blockchain it has Monopoly in this industries .

8.Matic polygon

matic polygon which is one Indian startup and he has also done project for big companies and the Indian government this is also an ethereum killer it speed is fast cheap and its solve the scalability issues of ethereum .

9.internet computer protocol

that want to decentralize the internet itself and they are working on and many project .


I am also keeping dogecoin in my portfolio because the price it is getting is being high paid because of alone mass or any other reason so it I take entry and exit on time then I win or a little profit


So friends , By this blog post we learn about top 10 crypto currencies for invest in 2022 . In this blog post given top 10 crypto are so brightest future. So you can invest in this crypto in 2022.
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