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1.Rich quake coin

their market supply is 1 quadrillion of which they have Bernard 50% it was started in January 2021 

2.Taboo token 

this is fundamentally a strong cryptocurrency not like Meme coins it provide an adult, NFT, streaming ,service platform

3.Shiba Inu 

still has potential power left because this Meme is slowly becoming a Fundamentalist cryptocurrencies 


decentraland is built on the blockchain of ethereum and in it you can experience virtual reality you can buy land etc .


Bittorrent is a platform where you can do peer to peer file transfer now bittorrent was very famous

6.Delta exchange 

Delta exchange which is the Crypto drivertives platform .where you can trade in Bitcoin future


The next cryptocurrency is dogecoin just got coin still has a lot of potential left he has the support of Elon Musk

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