Top 6 fact of Stephen Hawking in 2022

1.Stephen Hawking Google Doodle

On his 80th birth commemoration, Google has honored English cosmologist, creator, and hypothetical physicist with an enlivened video on its landing page.

2.Hawking, born in Oxford, England, 

He fascinated by the universe from a young age. At 21, he was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease

3.Hawking graduated from Oxford

Hawking graduated from Oxford with a BA degree in Physics, before obtaining a PhD from the University of Cambridge. holes

He was obsessed with black holes, with became the foundation for his studies and research.

5.particles could escape black holes, 

In 1974, he discovered that particles could escape black holes, a theory considered his most important contribution to physics.

6.Big Bang, his theories on the origins

From colliding black holes to the Big Bang, his theories on the origins and mechanics of the universe revolutionised modern physics 

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