Top 5 web 3.0

Crypto for 

 invest in 2022

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5.stacks (stx coins) 

coins are good coins for web 3.0.we had earn it good profit from this coin right now this coin is working in web 3.0 so you can definitely add this coin to your list .

4.civic ( CVC coin ) 

recommending CVC coin to you because this is the coin of solana ecosystem and it is working in web 3.0 also .

3.Casper ( CSP coin ) 

this is good coin for web 3.0 this coin is good for future investment 

2. Ocean protocol 

ocean has a lot of great many people in the community. like this coin this project work for AI and big data now it is working in web 3.0 also.

1.Polka Dot

the days are coins which will be on the first number is Polka Dot which is now working in web 3.0   

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