Top 5 question class 12 tree poem

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1.Emily  Dickinson? 

Emily Dickinson was a famous poetess of English literature . She is renowned for unconven - tional capitalisation and frequent use of dashes in his poetry. 

2.Trees like Tassels? 

It's an acute and " emotion - hitting " sarcasm applied by introvert and hermetic product , the poetesss Emily Dickinson 

3.Who are miniature creatures ? 

Miniature creatures are the masses . The term " sun " denotes " administration " or manifestation of an ideal network

4.Who did not satisfy remotest when most fair ? 

Resolution turns into luxury - It is misdirected because it should make the person active, smart, industrious, tolerant, suave and just.

5.What is the mean by treee? 

In this is poem tree means denoted to life happiness . 

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