Top 5 Class 12 A Lecture Upon the Shadow question

1. What is love's philosophy ? 

It contains disinterested or agape nature of love and its manifestation in the heart of human beings . 

Q.2. How are the shadows made by man ?

It's human body that comes in the way of the beams of sunlight and so obstructed part of light i.e. , image of the concerned man is seen as his shadow .

Q. 3.How can a man tread the shadows ? 

It is when he becomes an enlightened citizen and attains to reasoning , all scientific way . It has been referred to as sun at noon means perfect knowledge .

Q. 4.Why are the shadows formed ? 

It is because of ignorance and slothness . It's like a mirage of the desert . Allured by material or corporeal pleasure for moments . 

Q. 5.What do you understand by constant light ? 

It's a light that never extinct , an eternal and immortal light capable to use living bodies as garments or apparel . 

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