Top 5 fact of Fatima Sheikh

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1.Fatima Sheikh With A google Doodle

Google honored activist and educator Fatima Sheikh with a special doodle. The tribute was among a series of Google Doodles that observed the holiday . 

2.Fatima Sheik Biography:

Fatima Sheik, India's first Muslim lady educator and social reformer, was brought into the world on 9 January 1831 in Pune.

3. Fatima Sheik Social Work:

Sheik, alongside friendly reformers Jyotirao and Savitribai Phule, helped to establish one of India's first schools for young ladies1848 and named it the "Native Library".

4.prominent female Muslim voices with a doodle

Fatima Sheikh prominent female Muslim voices . The tech giant has chosen to mark the occasion of the 100th birthday of feminist icon,

5.Fatima Sheikh social reformer

Fatima was a key figure in the Indian community in the city. She was a champion of women’s rights in the community

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