class 12 Top 6 question Kubla khan poem English Elective

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1.Who is Kubla Khan ?

Kubla Khan represents an individual misdirected by his passions, urges, temptations, commits massacre and bloodshed for expansion of his empire.

2.What does the poet say miracle of rare device ? 

It's clairvoyance or insight powerful enough to stand juxtapose Kubla Khan , the prominent and powerful ruler of Mongol Dynasty .

3.What is Xandu ?

Xanadu is abmigous. It's a state of trance or meditation or the throne. One leads to inner conscience, intuition and clairvoyance while the other to autocratic or tyranny ruling. 

4.What is holy dread ? 

It's austerity or penance. Its mentality at which noble deeds are performed therefore , it is holy but it demands sacrifice

5.What is milk of paradise ? 

The term milk of paradise is divine pleasure which is felt just after an act in benevolence is done. 

6.Why does the poet say- " Could I revive " ? 

Poets are clairvoyant people who only can feel different than the worldly in their trance , they observe and watch .

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