Solana vs etherium big updates | Bitcoin news | America usa Bitcoin news |

Solana vs etherium big updates | Bitcoin news | America usa Bitcoin news |

this cryptocurrency is fast and Ultra scalable and a Bank of America analysed think it could become the next visa network ,
              hi guys I am Satyam . I am author of this website and today I am talking about solana vs ethereum which is the best so keep reading.

fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap

you know the cats out of the bag for Crypto where even banks are admitting the blockchains are going to eat the World Bank of America analysed Alkesh sir just released report pricing solana and suggest the cryptocurrency could quite become the wizard of the digital asset ecosystem solana was of about 10% on the reports release and it currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap best performing coins 2021-22 . anyone who has not hurt of solana was one of the best performing coin of 2021 and 2022 is hoping up to be just as promising .

solana vs ethereum

which can only process about 15 transaction per second on the base layer solana can potentially scale to 50,000 more transaction per second because of its Ultra high capacity transaction that cause tense of Dollar on ethereum  Cost just a few sentence on salana according to Alkesh it’s there’s low fees and rapidly expanding ecosystem which could help solana to solidify its position as one of the world’s most important blockchain is specially Alkesh claims that because transaction are so cheap coin is suited for micropayments and gaming.

both of these activities are too expensive to run on another blockchains like Bitcoin aur ethereum solana already has more than 400 decentralized application in its ecosystem and communities in Crypto that’s impressive but it’s also important to consider the beer case .

Alkesh points out that solana has gone down several times in the last year after as the result of users clogging  that network with spam transactions according to Alkesh quote salona prioritises scalability but a relative relative Lee less decentralized and Secure block chain has tradeaffs, illustrated by several network performance issues .

since Inception solana can scale  tens of thousand of transactions per second but it does so at the expense of decentralisation and why lower value application like micropayments could be a perfect fit for solana and so allowing it to become the visa network of the crypto currency ecosystem will Crypto can get tribal at times at the end of the days what’s good for one for protocol is good for everyone in solana does become the visa of block chains .it will bring in tens of millions of new users and their activity will generate billions of dollars of value .


so here’s  to so Lana and the continued growth of one of the most promising projects . so friend this is my today Crypto Blog news for a special American Crypto how you like my blog post comment to given described below .

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