Must know these things before investing in safe moon 2022

Must know these things before investing in safe moon 2022

Safe moon intro

today we are going to talk about safe moon coins. after the bull run of 2020 when Bitcoin become very famous and dogecoin also become famous then in March safe moon was also launched then come the safe and then also come the Shiba Inu . this is how many cryptocurrencies Where are launched as soon as the Bull Run come a lot of alternative coins come out but out of all those cryptocurrencies a lot of cryptocurrencies are not worth investing in  that is why we should do research how we do research?

How to research for Crypto? 

first of all we should check its website for any crypto currencies after visiting the website we will check his white paper see in the white paper. what they want to do and what problem they want to solve we will see their team see the partnership is there any collaboration. we will see what their has participating in apart from this you will also see that wallet is not held by any a few people as with dogecoin .which is hold by only to 3 wallets somewhere dot coin is not decentralized. Ether those who have not kept two and three wallets  price may change.

if he sells out so it is also very important to check these and apart from that we will also check the news section save moon.

if you check on Google you will know what is the upcoming news and what people are talking about check it out in the community to see what it is doing and also check its chat to see what price it is doing and whether to take it now or not .

what are tokens and coin?

if any cryptocurrency is made on any other platform than we called it token if that cryptocurrency is made on its platform then it will be called a coin . so safe moon is a token created on binance platform so if they have their own cryptocurrency on the platform of binance then we will call it a coin but there is a lot of crypto currencies on the platform of binance which we call token to this token was launched in March 2021 and the name of its founder is John karony .

according to use LinkedIn profile he has also worked in the department of Defence in the USA I got all this information from their website .

how safe moon solve valatility issues ?

Bitcoin ,ethereum and dogecoin have very high price volatility these coins was created to solve the sum problem . so all this written on their website and if we get this white paper then what is white paper .

what is white paper ?

white paper means who is the company what does it want to do who is the Founder who is the team who will get everything in white paper are written so in which it is written that they are also working on their organ wallet exchange, NFT, gaming and decentralized finance and the name of the decentralized finance is Phoenix and it call itself a defi token its launching its power wallet and app according to news reports.

you can think of their cryptocurrency as a penny stock whose price is very low its supply is 1 quadrillion .if its supply was very high then it was necessary to reduce its supply which would increase its demand for this way started burning means the coins which they removed from their system means destroyed their deleted 223 millions coins before launcher 777 millions coins where launched but so that the supply continued to decrease.
so they started another method of burning which is called manual burn

How manual burn work ?

if you have $100 safe moon coins want not get $100 back when you sell the 10% fee will be detected only you will get $90 – 10% is cut where has it gone 5% off then are burn . so that the supply can be reduced and the remain 5% are are redistributed to the holders of the safe moon those .who already have safe moons coin will get them redistributed and the the ones they already have will be added .

how to buy safe moon ?

To buy first you have to add Binance to the wallet that is you have to buy a Binance coin and only then you can buy this crypto currencies by going to pancake swap.
similarly there are other platform where you can buy this crypto currency with Binance and tether but if you have this is a comparison with other crypto currency then you will not be able to buy.
tax like by adding dollars or adding rupees first you have to buy binance coin with dollar or reduced and then you can buy this crypto currency by going to pancake swap


so in this blog we know about the safe moon coin. we also read how to invest in safe moon coin in 2022 ? what is the criteria of safe moon investment and what the before rule of the investment in safe moon ? so if you like To read about crypto currencies and its related news. you can visit my other blog post!
keep reading!

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