Most profitable crypto trading strategy 2022 | New update of Bitcoin Bull and Bear

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Most profitable crypto trading strategy 2022 | New update of Bitcoin Bull and Bear

Follow these stretegy to get profit in bitcoin

    Identity – Friends, today we will discuss about the new update of bitcoin bull and bear.  What is the status of bitcoin?  Will know about him.  Friends, this week bitcoin has managed a margin of up to $5000.  This is an IMPORTANT NOTICE What is the status of bitcoin this week in the coming days via this blog.  will know him well.  What is the future of bitcoin?  what current?  We will discuss all these things in this blog.  So stay tuned in this blog.

    Why was last week so dangerous for bitcoin?

    Friends, last week was not good for bitcoin.  Looking at the future of bitcoin, the past week has not been very special.  Friends, the three big news that came out for bitcoin last week put the whole market in danger.  We will discuss these three news below.

    First news: Friends, the first news was about Omicron.  Due to the growing influence of Omicron, the whole market was in danger. Due to this effect, there was a danger in the entire global market or whether the whole market would come to a halt.

    Second news: – The second news, friends, is related to Chinese property developer.  A Chinese property developer named Evergrand has defrauded the crypto market.  That too within dept of US Dollar.  Due to which alarm bells were ringing in the entire market.

    Third news: Friends, the third news which was a big danger.  That 1.1 billion-dollar bitcoin option was to expire on December 10, and when we talk about beer, it made a profit of $300.

    Bitcoin’s Profitable News of the Last Week!

    Last week’s beneficial news also brought great comfort to bitcoin buyers-

    First news: Buy 1434 bitcoins in microstrategy.  Bought for $82.4 billion.  That too at an average price of 57,477.  Microstrategy holds approximately 122,478 bitcoins.  Which makes them approximately $29,861 per one bitcoin.  That is, they are sitting at a profit of 70℅ today.

    Second news: – The second which is beneficial news.  It is about the WhatsApp program of meta.  What meta ka whatsapp do you use.  They have now released that now you can do crypto currency transactions in USA through WhatsApp’s navy wallet.  This is great news that has come out.  Which is for the poor and rich people of USA.  It is expected that in the coming time, crypto transactions will start happening all over the world through WhatsApp.

    Third news: – The news that is bitfury (Beat Fury) who is the CEO of Congress.  He said that 80% of the bitcoins are in the folder.  He does not sell his bitcoins.  That is, the 20% of bitcoin holders are saved.  Because of them, we see more and less growth of bitcoin in the bitcoin market.  This is a big update.  Just imagine the 80 percent who are the holders of crypto.  He has never sold his bitcoin till date.

    So what would they be thinking about their crypto?  What do you think about this cryptocurrency, do tell us by commenting!

    Fear and Greed Index |  Fear and Grade Index

    Friends, if we talk about Fair and Greed Index.  So the value of Cryptocurrency which went in last week extreme fair is now on a little fair.  Which you can see on the picture below.  This is important news for crypto buyers.

    Should we enter the crypto market under omicron conditions?

    • Yes, but you have to follow the rules mentioned below.  Friends, in such a situation, you can take admission in big coins.  For this you should have information related to big coin.  which we will learn next.  Your streategy to enter big coins should be a little clear and your mind should be stable.
    • Friends, if we talk about big coins, then you will have bitcoin, eth, but like BNB, DOT, SOL, ADA, the position of coins like BNB, DOT, SOL, ADA, there is a little confusing situation in the market right now. You can take entry from it.
    • But if you have a large fund, then you should not invest a large amount at once.  You should invest your amount by buying in portions of 3 times, 4 times, 5 times.

    Dip buying Strategy and Mistakes 

    •   If you would have taken the dot at $40 and it is now giving $28 and there is a situation in the world that gives 20 to 24 $, then in that case it will remain you the average position of $27-30 dollars.  This benefits you.
    • In this way you should try the Dept method.  But what we do is that when we have all the funds, we just put all and think that the graph will not go down, that’s the mistake we make.  
    • We put all the funds and weight when the graph will come up and the interesting thing is that you should know that 99 percent of the people make the same mistake.  
    • Now when you take the dot at 30-$28 and this graph accidentally moved to $20, you won’t turn it out in profit.  You will sell it for $28 and go away and say that now I have lost my life.  So many people make this mistake.
    • If you want to enter big fund then you should buy part by part and average your portfolio.  This is a common thing in the stock market. But it should be understood by the youth in the crypto market.

    Which coins to buy in dept 

    Now the question arises that which coins should we keep an eye on.  There are a lot of coins that you can keep an eye on, such as BNB, DOT, SOL, ADA, luna, etc., which you can keep an eye on.  You can know their ups and downs.  That’s why you can buy it.  To understand this topic better, definitely read our next blog.

    Best Entry Price to Inter in Matic

    Friends, if you get Matic in which coin to buy and it accidentally comes to the graph from $ 1.7 to $ 1.5 then or it can be a good entry.  Don’t miss this chance

    Conclusion – 

    Friends, I hope you have found this block very informative.  This block will give you an idea of ​​what kind of strategy you should make and what you should do in future to increase your position in Cryptocurrency.

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